Anonymous said:

but i like being on anon ! how are youuuu chharlieeee ?

Message me for my number or something, waiting a whole day for you reply gets frustrating -.-
But I’m good :)

Anonymous said:

i think i may have just to give you a hint :)

I think I know who it is :)
You don’t have to put yourself on anonymous!

Anonymous said:

well we dated for a short while :)

Did you like one of my posts recently?

Anonymous said:

i didnt say you dont like me :) you've probably actually forgotten about me :P

Certainly not :)

Anonymous said:

thats the fun part :)

I don’t really dislike anyone so you probably just misunderstood me :)

Anonymous said:

someone :D i meant something too you once >.<

how am I supposed to have a proper conversation if you’re not going to tell me who you are? :\

Anonymous said:

We used to be close, but you've always been a cunt & i hate who you've become.

maybe if you told me who you were I’d make more of an effort to talk to you more :)

Anonymous said:

hi charlieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D

Ermahgerd who is this?

we-stand--for-something said:

I love your blog charliiee :)

Everyone Loves Double Dee <3